3 Low-Maintenance Vegetables to Start Your Garden

As we all know, eating healthy can get really expensive. I’ve always wanted to have a small veggie garden, but I am horrible at keeping plants alive. I have a really busy schedule, so I want to grow veggies that are very low maintenance. I’ve done some research, and I chose three vegetables that would work out great for my first garden!

  1. Lettuce


These leafy greens are a super simple to grow. They prefer the cooler temperatures of spring or fall. Lettuce seeds typically sprout in two to eight days when soil temperatures, so you’ll be enjoying those tasty fresh salads right away!

      2. Tomatoes


Full sun and plenty of compost are just about all you need for successful tomatoes. I have also heard that home-grown tomatoes are so much tastier- you’ll never buy store-bought again. In the summer, I am obsessed with making a simple tomato salad of chopped tomatoes, onions, olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

3. Radishes


These delightful bulbs are one of the fastest crops around! Grow in cooler temps or in light shade. Twenty-eight days later, you’ve got yourself a crunchy-delicious crop. I think radishes are a great snack to take with you on the go. *I add a little salt for flavor

I think that all three of these vegetables are perfect for Wisconsin weather. I would suggest going to a plant store like Steins Garden & Home to get all of your supplies. The employees are very friendly, and have a lot of knowledge about their products.

I think one of the best parts to growing your own food is that there are no added chemicals! Your veggies will be free of toxins, and also 100% organic. You only have to rinse them off with some water before eating!

Growing plants is also a very therapeutic activity. Not only will you get great health benefits from eating all of the nutrients, but gardening will also help relieve stress. Stress is also a huge contributor to weight gain.

Start your gardens today!


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