3 Crazy Health Trends that People are Actually Trying

It seems like every other week there is some crazy health thing that people are trying out. This actually says a lot about our country. There is so much fast food and processed food here in America, that people are trying anything to get healthy. Let’s look at some of these crazy health fads, that will hopefully go away SOON.

  1. Drinking Charcoal


What? Is this actually a thing? Yes, I am afraid that it is. I know that using charcoal soap is a great way to get rid of acne, but people are now drinking it to remove toxins from their body. Hospitals do use this technique when a person had been poisoned, but it can cause black stool, vomiting, and bad reactions if you are on a certain medication.  Please tell me this is the new kale people.

2. Twinkies Diet 


Come on people. Does this sound like a good idea to you? I guess people are eating Twinkies until they reach 1,400 calories a day. They are able to consume one twinkie every hour. It might work because you are getting sick from all the chemicals and sugar, but PLEASE DO NOT try this fad diet. Did I mention that one Twinkie has 37 ingredients, probably mostly chemicals you cannot pronounce.

3. Baby Food Diet 


Okay, this one isn’t rally harmful to your body, but I think it’s kind of gross. I guess it was a tip from a famous Hollywood trainer to replace 1 meal a day with a jar of baby food. It will control your portions, and it is also healthy. Jars range from 20-100 calories, and most people go for the mashed peas (ick). I say if you’re going through all of that work-just eat an apple. It is probably way more filling, and has tons of fiber and nutrients.

I have said my peace. Sorry, if your someone who is actually trying one of these trends right now. Feel free to comment and tell me how they’re working for you.


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