Vegetable Juicing

A couple of years ago I watched the documentary,  Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It is about a Joe Cross, and Australian man who was overweight, and taking many steroids to keep his autoimmune disease under control. He did a juice fast for 90 days, and the results were amazing.

He lost over 100 pounds, and cured his autoimmune disease, and now he never has to take steroids. The effects of fruit and vegetable juicing were so incredible. Joe even explained that he can think more clearly, and never feels tired or achy.

In the movie, Joe travels all across America, and asks people what they think about juicing, and asks them to try a sample. It is so interesting that some people would not even try it. He gives facts about the poor health habits that Americans have, and how that is spreading all over the world. He also is being monitored by a doctor the entire time to track his condition and progress.

After watching this documentary in 2013, I decided to try a 30 day juice fast. I made it to day 20. It was crazy how good I felt, but at the same time I was dreaming about chewing food. My acne cleared up, and I had so much energy that I could only sleep 6 hours a night and felt so refreshed when I woke up.

Looking to 2017, I do still use my juicer occasionally. I think it is a really good idea to juice when I feel that I am not eating enough vegetables. Micro-nutrients clean your cells, and veggie juicing is full of them, plus a ton of vitamins.

A lot of people are skeptical about how a juice will taste, but to me they do not taste horrible. One time I tried to make a tomato juice, thinking it would taste similar to a V8, and after juicing a little piece of onion…I knew it was a mistake. I also got a really bad stomach ache-so do not try that recipe!

Here is the best recipe if you want to stay low-carb, and just juice vegetables.

Joe’s Mean Green Recipe
  1. 2 cucumbers.
  2. 8 celery stalks
  3. 4 apples.
  4. 16 leaves kale with stalks.
  5. 1 lemon.
  6. 2 in piece of ginger.


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