Tricklebee Cafe: Pay if You Can

A few weeks ago, our Communication Club here at Mount Mary decided to do a service project before the end of the semester. For some reason, we all decided that we wanted to serve food to others who might be in need. We looked up different locations where we could volunteer, and stumbled upon Tricklebee Cafe.


Tricklebee Cafe is an organic, vegan cafe with a pay if you can philosophy. It is centered on sustainable/healthy eating, and spiritual renewal. A mission of the Moravian Church and One World Everybody Eats, it is located at 44th and North Avenue in Milwaukee.

We went on a gorgeously sunny Friday afternoon. Along for the adventure were my friends and fellow Com majors, Sheila, Jennifer, Katie and myself along with our professor, Jennifer Peterson. We volunteered for two hours, and could pick what we wanted to help with. Christie, the owner, greeted us with a very friendly face and introduced us to the amazing staff. There was also a reporter from Pennsylvania there taking pictures and talking with the customers.

I washed dishes (while getting a tiny bit soaked from the giant sprayer), Katie bused tables, and the rest helped wrap energy balls that were to be donated later that day to another business. Surprisingly it was really fun, and we loved the concept of this organization.


When we finished our work, Christie insisted that we ordered food. The menu changes daily, because all of their food is donated by other businesses, people, and farmers. I had a cup of coffee and some delicious vegetable soup. You would think that the food would be like a “soup kitchen type”, but it was more like a gourmet little cafe.

The owner sat down with us, and was so grateful that we volunteered. She expressed how much she loved coming to work everyday. Christy oozed positivity and cheerfulness. We told her how relaxing this cafe was and she said that after everyone leaves for the day, she burns incense and says prayers while doing it. She thanks God for helping her with this amazing place, and that might be why this place has such a relaxing and happy vibe.

We took away many valuable things from volunteering for two short hours. Healthy food should be available to everyone, and every city should have a pay if you can restaurant available. Anyone who is eating low-carb, or just eating healthy should visit Tricklebee Cafe, not just for the delicious nutritious food, but for the great company and sense of community.



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