Millennial Trend- Eating Oranges in the Shower

Here are the claims: Oranges taste better in the shower. Eating oranges in the shower will make you happy. The shower orange experience could turn your entire life around.

So the other day, a co-worker of mine told me about this crazy trend that started on Reddit. It was first started by a young man who while inebriated, and ate an orange while taking a shower. He wrote a hilarious post about it, and described this experience as “life-changing”. After that, people from all over decided to try it, and the concept of Shower Orange was created.

Then, I decided to do some research on this topic. I found it so funny that popular magazines started writing articles about it like Men’s Health. Scientists started talking about the great beneficial effects of eating an orange first thing in the morning, and then would relate it to this trend. I just find this comical.

Now the biggest trend is for couples to eat an orange in the shower together. Most people are saying that this is the “ultimate bonding experience”. (How much closer can you get to someone than if you’re already showering with them?!?)

Anyways, oranges are extremely healthy, and they are a great snack if you are on phase 2 or 3 with Atkins. Oranges have a wealth of nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A precursors, calcium, potassium and pectin. I have not tried the “shower orange”, and do not know if I ever will.  I did make my friend Courtney try it, and she just said that it made the shower smell good.

I would encourage you to try this trend and let me know if the experience was “life-changing”. Feel free to comment with your shower orange experience!


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