From Fettuccine Alfredo to Zucchini Alfredo: Making a Delicious Dish Low Carb

Gina Homolka is the creator of the popular blog Skinny Taste. She is also a photographer and food expert who shares healthy low-fat, family-friendly recipes and health tips. She also answers various cooking questions on her food blog in a segment called “Skinny Bits” which is always very informative.

I think I could take my concept of eating low carb, and promote a recipe on her blog for a healthy Atkins version of fettuccine alfredo. Gina and I both agree that a starchy noodle dish is not always the healthiest meal. Fettuccine Alfredo usually comes in a very large portion, and almost never comes with vegetables mixed in. The sauce is very heavy, and overall, the calorie count is through the roof.

I absolutely love cooked zucchini which is a somewhat starchy vegetable, but it also has a lot of nutrients and good fiber. The other great thing about zucchini is that it is very creamy, and is the perfect substitute for noodles.

First you will need a spiralizer. This will shape your zucchini into a pasta shape, and then you can put them in boiling water for just a couple of minutes. When they come out, blanch them in ice water so that they do not overcook.


Next, in a pot add a cup of heavy cream (for Atkin’s people) or 2% (for low-fat dieters). Then add 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese. Simmer the sauce to thicken, and add salt and pepper to taste.

*Tip: to spice this dish up add flavors like thyme, paprika, or cayenne pepper.

Then add zucchini noodles to sauce and enjoy! This dish is so great because it is so easy to make, and can be done in just 15 minutes, plus there are only a couple of ingredients so the kids will love helping with this one!

Image result for zucchini alfredo


3 Large Zucchini

1 cup Cream or 2% Milk

1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese

Salt & Pepper

*One serving has only 5 Net Carbs!!



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