3 Ways to Reach Snack Nirvana on Atkins

Snacking on Atkins can be really tricky to do. I feel like because there are limited food options, you seem to grow tired of just eating a string cheese or a hard-boiled egg on your work break. This post is for anyone who is trying the low-carb lifestyle, and needs to sizzle up their snacking options.

  1. Chicken Buffalo Dip

I get a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket, and pretty much make a basic chicken salad with chicken, mayonnaise, and scallions. Then I take Frank’s Buffalo sauce and just add in a tablespoon. Then mix in some cheddar cheese and pop it in a 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes.

It is AMAZING! Then I get some celery sticks and dive in! The great thing is that there are only a few carbs, and your tummy will be satisfied for hours.


Buffalo chicken dip is spicy, creamy, and full of delicious chicken. It's…:

  1. Good ol’ Guacamole

I am beyond obsessed with anything that has to do with avocados. I am the type of person who does not need the chips for eating guacamole, I’ll just use a spoon (sorry if that grosses you out). The only thing you really have to watch are carbs in garlic (sadly they have a lot) and onions, even the dehydrated powder has carbs as well. If you need something to dip your guac with, try fresh broccoli or cauliflower, it tastes just as good as chips (most of the time).

This is one amazing guacamole recipe that will have you reaching for a spoon instead of chips! | from willcookforsmiles.com:

  1. Fresh Nut Butters

You CAN have nuts on Atkins, so when buying peanut, almond, or cashew butter, just make sure that it is unsweetened. I am a strange person so I always preferred the no sugar peanut butter even as a child. I would suggest that you buy it freshly ground, because it tastes so much better. Cut up some celery sticks and enjoy a great snack….just don’t eat the entire jar.


How to make your own peanut butter - You'll never believe how easy it is to make healthy, natural peanut butter at home!! #peanutbutter #nutbutter:


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