How to Recover from a Cheat Day: My Trip to Scandinavia

I just got back from my beautiful trip to Denmark, Norway and Sweden after being there for twelve fantastic days. I completely went off my low-carb plan, and basically ate whatever I wanted. I think the most important key when going off a diet is to not beat yourself up about it, and have a positive outlook for the next day.

I ate so many incredible things on my trip to Europe! I had savory Swedish meatballs, amazing Danish hot dogs, creamy mashed potatoes, tasty pastries, strong lattes (the coffee there is sooo good), and even chocolate!  I also tried the “exotic” meats like reindeer, moose, and whale steak. Did I mention the delicious bread that they serve at EVERY meal?


I did not stick to my plan because I felt that I worked really hard for this vacation, and I really wanted to experience Europe how it is supposed to be experienced. I also felt no guilt whatsoever because we were literally walking all day, every day. The least amount we walked was 6 miles a day, and the most was 20 miles.

So, I returned home on Monday night and weighed myself just to see if I gained, stayed the same, or lost. It turns out that I lost 3lbs! I was overjoyed to see that number, and it just reiterated how important it is to exercise. I really want to keep up with my walking, but it is really hard to do here because everyone drives to everything. I am seriously considering moving to Europe just so I can keep walking everywhere.

I found it really hard to get back on the low-carb wagon. It has been 3 days since I have been back from my trip, and I have still not fully committed. I think the hardest part is to start over once you “cheat” for more than one day. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, but found myself really craving the delicious bread I was eating everyday.

My suggestion would be start drinking a lot of water again. I find that many people mistake dehydration for hunger, so make sure you get at least 8 servings in. Then I would say to add veggies to every meal- even though it is sometimes super hard at first. Stay away from anything processed, so don’t run to McDonalds if you are hungry. Get back to basics, and relax, you WILL get there.

It is really important to keep thinking of your end goal. This doesn’t have to be a number on the scale, it could be how you want to feel on the inside or outside. Get back to your old routine, trust me if you keep it up for a day or two, it will feel like old times.

I think the only thing I can do is to give you words of encouragement. It really is up to you. Don’t make excuses, and just do it. I promise you will be really happy, and feel much better once you get back on track. Never get discouraged. Keep fighting.

If you want to read my blog about my travels to Scandinavia, go under Marina’s posts.



One thought on “How to Recover from a Cheat Day: My Trip to Scandinavia

  1. The food in Europe is delicious and healthy. As you know, all the food there is organic, chemical and sodium free. When I traveled to Europe, I also lost weight because of the constant walking and portion control. Every dish and drink comes in a smaller amount compare to the United States where we have “Super Size” junk food. From what you told us, I’m sure you had an amazing time. Good to have back and thanks for the comment!


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