Eating Out on Atkins

Lately I have been super unbelievably busy because I have two jobs and a full, exhausting load of classes, and have been trying to get ready for my trip to Europe. I find myself cooking less often, so I have been on the lookout for restaurants which I can still eat deliciously and still get great low-carb nutrition.

First I went to Qdoba, and ordered a scrumptious, yet healthy burrito bowl. Since I am eating around 20 measly carbs a day, I skipped the rice and beans. I made my base full of green, luscious lettuce and then chose a protein (I love steak…who doesn’t?). Next I added the grilled veggies that were full of gorgeous colors like green, red, and purple that really made the dish enticing to the eye. Then I added the amazingly creamy shredded cheese and went with a scoop of the velvety, smooth, succulent guacamole (can you tell guacamole is like my favorite food?).


It tasted like pure heaven. On the downside of this glorious dish, it was rather salty so just make sure you drink a lot of water for the day.

I work right next to Noodles & Company, however the prospect of eating noodles or starches on Atkins is a huge no-no. I decided to take a glance at the salad menu. I have had the Caesar salad there in the past, but it’s nothing to write home about. Then I saw a new one that they had called the Veracruz Salad.

I honestly almost died of satisfaction when I ate this salad. I’m pretty sure my co-workers think I’m crazy because I could not stop making yummy noises. It had an amazing spring mix base topped with crunchy, salty bacon, fresh spicy marinated chicken breast, large chunks of avocado, fried jalapenos (you’re really not supposed to eat these because they probably were fried with flour but I did anyways and it was delicious), fresh shaved of the cobb corn, fresh cilantro, and a great acidic lime wedge. Then it came with a spicy, creamy jalapeno ranch dressing.  I honestly would die for this salad…it was that enchanting. Warning- it does get pretty spicy, this salad is not for the faint of heart.

I couldn't take a picture of mine because i was too busy scarfing it down!

I couldn’t take a picture of mine because I was too busy scarfing it down!

I’ve literally had this salad now for the last five days, and have lost a pound or more each day! Please take my scholarly advice and order this salad right now!

I have found that eating at restaurants with this diet is overall pretty easy. Although it is important to cook your meals fresh at home so you know exactly what ingredients are in it, it is important to treat yourself when you are super busy, or want to enjoy a meal with your friends and family.

Current weight loss- 32lbs


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