How to start a low-carb diet

Hi everyone, so this is my first post and I just wanted to share a little bit of my story with you first. My name is Marina, and I am a 25 year old college student who loves to cook, but ALSO loves to eat. I have struggled with my weight for a number of years, and definitely have a problem with emotional eating. Some of the diets I have tried are Weight watchers, Nutrisystem, vegetable juicing, taking pills, and just eating super healthy. Although I have always lost weight with these plans, I have never found long term success.

Why can't I be an emotional exerciser instead of an emotional eater?:

I knew I needed something that I can stick to long-term, because I wanted to lose weight for a trip to Scandinavia I am going on in March, and then I graduate college in May. My mom suggested trying the Atkins Diet. I have always heard controversial messages about this diet, but decided to give it a try. In the first 30 days I lost a total of 23lbs! I wanted to offer help to anyone trying to lose weight, eating gluten-free, or people that want to stay away from the evils of sugared, processed food. Eating low-carb allows your body to start burning fat instead of carbs (which just turns into glucose).

Phase one is called induction. To start, you should only be eating up to 20 net carbs (total carbs – fiber) a day. These carbs should be made up mostly of ALL vegetables. Then you can eat most meats, cheese, eggs, and butter. The amazing thing is that while you are eating these foods your body does not crave sugar. Now you can do this phase for a couple of weeks, but I am on week five, and still in induction.

In phase two, you get to add more carbs and should keep it under 50 net carbs a day. You can start eating fruits, and add more vegetables.  The last phase, phase three is basically eating low-carb, but you can also eat healthy carbs like brown rice and quinoa.


  • Never hungry
  • Lbs come off quickly
  • No sugar cravings for a long time
  • You get to cook a lot!
  • Easy to eat out.


  • Might have leg cramps at first
  • Cannot eat fruit
  • Snacking is difficult
  • You have to cook a lot!

I would encourage you to give it a try! Feel free to comment and tell me how you are doing, or I can answer any questions you might have. Good luck, and may the scale be ever in your favor!


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